Wander, Linger Savor Christmas


I’ll come right out and say it…this is the hardest time of year to write a blog post about slowing down. I’ve already failed miserably at not “shoulding” on myself.

I should send out Christmas cards.

I should bake all those cookies.

I should have my shopping done.

I should have the tree decorated by now. (Oh wait, I don’t even have a tree yet.)

Guilt, self-criticism, failure, Bah Humbug!

Not exactly a good start for preparing my heart to soak in the true meaning of Christmas.


Imagine if God had a list of “shoulds” for that first Christmas.

I should’ve sent my son to a wealthy, firmly established Roman family instead of an unmarried, poor Jewish couple.

I should’ve waited until they got back from Bethlehem so they wouldn’t have to travel while she was pregnant.

I should’ve provided a cushy, comfortable room with qualified medical personnel to assist with the birth of my son.

I should’ve proclaimed the glorious news about the savior of the world to influential people that would immediately get the word out to other influential people…instead of the lowliest of humans – uneducated, unclean shepherds.

Point being…it wasn’t a Norman Rockwell perfect Christmas. But through the ages, painters, sculptors, retailers, and even churches have tried to glamorize a very messy, scary, confusing event that changed the history of the world. The Light of the World arrived on earth and for those who recognized Him, they would never be the same.

God had no shoulds. His timing and execution were perfect. And once again I’m reminded that He is God, and I am not. Perfection is His alone.

Winter morning in Evergreen Colorado

This year I’m not aiming for the perfect Christmas – that was already done 2000 years ago. This year I’m looking for ways to:

Wander through a pine forest knee deep in snow instead of neck deep in chores.


Linger over a few precious words about the first Christmas instead of trying to come up with the perfect Christmas sentiment in my own cards.IMG_3253

Savor a cup of coffee with a friend in need instead of shopping for things nobody needs.DSC_0036

My tree is up and lit but I don’t know if I’ll get around to actually putting ornaments on this year. And that’s ok. Because all those details pale and seem unimportant when the lights go on.

May the Light of the World illuminate your days with Love, your nights with Peace and your life with Hope.

Winter in Crete
Quiet Christmas Day on Crete






5 thoughts on “Wander, Linger Savor Christmas

  1. Paul

    Thanks for your writings. Christmas this year is a miraculous event for our daughter in laws’s family. Her father not only survived a double lung transplant but is prospering. A last minute source came through just as the family was preparing to say goodbye. Otherwise Greg would have passed on.
    Greg emphasizes to thank God for our every breath.
    Tina and I like retirement. We took a three month summer trip along the East Coast all the way from Texas to Canada.
    We stay active in church and Home groups. As well as building on our property. A Candy Land Winder Land follows our Christmas church service. Major effort is required to prepare. We had over 1,500 folks from the local community last year.

    Paul and Tina


  2. Paul Topham

    Thank you Mel. There was no “should’ve” in your having taken time out to contact brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus.
    You have such a talent for communicating not only of your self, but the Spirit of the Lord dwelling in you!(without being conscious of the projection)
    He is our CONSTANT companion and guide.
    Lovely to know the effect of Him working in and through you.
    Every blessing be toward you and Richard.
    Paul &Ann Topham


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