Uniquely Crete

uniquely crete

The rock, the hard place and all the beauty in between… 

 When her husband Richard was offered a job overseas, Melanie moved far away from her small mountain community in Colorado to the remote Greek island of Crete. She looked forward to an idyllic life in the Mediterranean, but she didn’t anticipate how the experience would prepare her for her unexpected return.

 In Uniquely Crete, Crane tells stories of her five years on the island and shares secrets about the island’s hidden treasures.  Guided by her unique voice and vivid descriptions you will:

  • Discover remote beaches off the beaten path
  • Experience the quirks and customs of everyday life
  • Meet heartwarming characters like Nick the Greek storyteller
  • Explore the culture, history, cuisine and customs of the special Greek people and expats that call this island home.

 Taste the fresh calamari. Hear the buzzing cicadas sing. Feel the silky warm water of the Mediterranean. It’s part travel guide, part memoir, and uniquely Crete!

To be released Spring 2019

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