Walking through the valley with 20/20 vision

Gorge in Crete, Greece

Turning the corner into a new decade, looking ahead with expectation, walking into the unknown.  All these things make this traveler’s heart beat a little faster in anticipation. Ever the optimist, I hope the days and months ahead bring healing, peace and a sense of well-being. But what if….?  We don’t know what’s around the next corner of our journey.

Vicenza, Italy

I used to think the what-ifs were bad. And they can be if we live there and are paralyzed by them. The same goes for obsessing about the if-onlys of the past that  squelch the day’s joys. Both the fear of the future and the regret of the past can loom huge before us like two insurmountable twin mountains obscuring our view of the verdant valley between them that we long to wander.

Polyrinia Gorge, Crete, Greece

What if bad things happen? They will.

Will God intervene? One way or another, you can count on it.

And here is where the what-ifs come in handy. They open our eyes to our need for God’s presence here and now.

I wish I could say that I know 2020 will be a better year after the incomprehensible loss, pain and suffering of 2019. But the truth is, it might not be.

Before you accuse me of being a pessimist, hear me out.

I can guarantee that we will experience our share of pain, suffering and loss this year. And I can also guarantee that we will experience beauty, healing and extravagant love this year. It’s all a part of the human existence. A part of the journey. And while I can’t stop this world from spinning, I can choose how I look at it.

Colorado ground-storm

I can choose to wallow in the fear of the what-ifs, let my mind be consumed by cynicism and squint through the fog as if looking through a dirty window.  Or I can choose to look beyond my circumstances and feelings, and open my eyes wide to a grander vision.

A vision of hope beyond what I see, touch or feel in this world. An ever-present hope that transcends the disappointments of this world. Emmanuel – God with us.

This is everyone’s choice. That’s how I see it.  What will you choose this year?

4 thoughts on “Walking through the valley with 20/20 vision

  1. Marina Daskalaki

    How poignant and true Mel.
    I cling to the words of Psalm 91 and I claim them for you my friend ..
    Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most High
    Will rest in the shadow of the almighty
    I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress
    My God in whom I trust..

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  2. Jennifer Lane

    Mel and RC, you are still in our prayers and on our minds.  We appreciate the fact that you are sharing your thoughts.  I believe that is a part of the healing process.  Remember that we love you and think/pray for you always.  (also my mom, who is a prayer warrior) Always,Jenn & Gio   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jennifer LaneVia Reggio Emilia 6  La Spezia 19125  Italy  Cell (+39)  347.078.2784 QingTingJenn@yahoo.com~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  3. Kenny Noble Cortes

    It’s ironic that the first email that came up after my search was titled above.

    Hi Mel. Hi Richard. Hearing from you is just plain awesome!!!! We dearly miss our two boys, you two beautiful people, Reg, Amy and all the community that is Lakewood and Colorado. 😕 It is good to listen to your voices.

    Kay’s incision and cranial surgery (size of a baseball) is healing. It was SO good to finally see her at Erlanger on Morher’s Day ❤️. She was exhilarated to be coming home. (Painkiller meds notwithstanding😊) That’s about as lighthearted as it gets because the rest of the news isn’t so pretty. As you may know glioblastoma cancer is a very aggressive cancer. The neurosurgeon told me if she had not had the tumor removed, Kay would have but six months. Then he dropped a bomb and said WITH the surgery she has about a year and a half! We had a teleconference today with a local doc re home healthcare who started talking about hospice. He said they are the best home healthcare. I am still wobbly after that one. Kay was all teared up. The reality of the impact that chemo and radiation therapy will have on Kay (and me) is just now seeping in. You and Richard’s prayers are being heard. Kay and I are both stronger as a result of prayer. Thank you. You know, we’ve only had a week with this. But already we are savoring moments. Blessings to you and Richard ❤️


    Acoustic guitarist

    Kenny Noble Cortes kncortes321@gmail.com http://www.reverbnation.com/kennynoblecortes.com http://www.facebook.com/softchristianamericana Cell/text: 720.988.0543 Phil 4:13



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