Images of Crete*

*Warning:  Some images may be disturbing to your sense of place, causing severe travel obsession and unrelenting cravings for Greece.

Early morning harbor in Chania

Three weeks back on the island that was my home for five years wasn’t enough time for me.  This visit to Crete was truly a vacation in the sense that I had no stress to plan, prepare or feel compelled to go, go, go.  It was just a time to “be.”  Staying with my best friend on the island was a gift of shared joy, tears, and laughter (especially when her Greek man Nick entertained us with his stories and one-liners.)  The beauty of living abroad is that the urge to sightsee or tour completely fades after a time until the only thing that remains is day-to-day living, working, loving and sleeping.  Oh, and eating…we mustn’t forget the food that Greece is famous for. 

But I won’t try to put into words what is best said through images so here’s a gallery for you to drool over.

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