My Big Fat Greek Book Tour

Theodore island at sunset, Crete

My book, Uniquely Crete, has arrived on the island with us in its wake.  We literally hit the ground running beginning my book tour in jolly ol’ England (more on that later), and finishing off in Crete.  Each day has been filled with the joys and trials so typical of this Greek island.  All in all, I’ve been surprised, humbled and grateful for the interest in my book, especially from the Greek population.

Mediterraneo Bookstore Venetian Harbor, Hania

The highlight of the tour was my book signing at the lovely Manousakis Winery in the hills outside of Hania.  Alexandra’s entrepreneurial spirit and her creativity have elevated this little winery to new heights in the business of winemaking and hospitality.  Our evening there was accented by balmy breezes, stellar wine and food, and a successful book signing event which included a reading from my book.

Book reading at Manousakis Winery
Manousakis Winery with Nick, the Greek storyteller

But perhaps the most memorable part of the evening was the fantastic fellowship between friends, new and old.  Many of our dear friends showed up to enjoy the evening and offer support.  And, as is the case in Crete, you can’t come here without making new friends as well.  I was delighted to meet the successful author from England, Leah Fleming, as well as a young woman with a big dream, Billy Lourakis, who invited us to stay a couple of nights at her beautiful retreat on the sea, Theodore Boutique Hotel.  We were more than happy to oblige and this is where I sit and ponder God’s abundant blessings this morning.

Workspace at the Theodore Boutique Hotel

Our days are filled with the typical activity of book promotion that sometimes bleed into the night.  But there’s something about Crete that gently demands a slower pace.  Sigha, Sigha (slowly, slowly) is my mantra here and I plan to carry it home with me in my proverbial bottle from the sea.

Sunset walk at Agia Marina
Lessons from Cretan cats


8 thoughts on “My Big Fat Greek Book Tour

  1. Jennifer Lane

    Mel — I am so proud of you! You have turned a “visit” into an epic. I’m so excited to receive my hard copy. We love you both here from Italy.

    Jenn & Gio > >

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nick Daskalakis

    As memories go, your visit to Chania is going to leave everlasting impressions in our lives once more. This time around I know is going to be hard to say goodbye however you left us with your ” baby” and creation to keep our hearts warm and our brains nostalgic 😍


    1. Melanie A Crane

      So true, Nick. I think every time I visit Crete I will be able to let go a little more. Instead, it just keeps sinking deeper into my heart.


  3. E Howe

    No wonder I have not heard from you I did not know the book signing was in Crete and at this time I have the book and love it Feel Bev so often in it My E mail will be waiting when you return It is wonderul that you can do this


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